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SILENT JOURNEY (to be released August, 2020)

Scott has been deaf for eight years following an accident that took his mother's life. His father's job often takes him out of the country, leaving Scott to stay with one relative after another. Proficient in doing all things those in the hearing world can do, through signing and reading lips, he excels in gymnastics.


When his father has to go overseas for an extended time, he has to live with his grandmother in Kansas.  The first friends he makes are an abandoned German shepherd, Runt, and a redheaded girl named Rustie. Together, they innocently, naively, unintentionally get into situations a fraction against the law. Frustrated, his grandmother sends him and Runt to his uncle, Todd, in California. There he learns about gliders, that friends are family you choose, there is a reason for everything, and love has no boundaries, labels, or limitations.